Ecological Weed Control Cloth

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Farewell to weeds and save your gardening time with this Ecological Weed Control Cloth.

Ecological Weed Control Cloth

ūüĆŅ Effectively¬†inhibit¬†weed¬†growth.
ūüĆŅ Thermal¬†insulation¬†and¬†fertilizer¬†maintenance
ūüĆŅ Maintain¬†soil¬†looseness¬†and¬†improve¬†soil¬†aggregate¬†structure.
ūüĆŅ Environment¬†friendly¬†and¬†degradable.
ūüĆŅ Prevent¬†and¬†mitigate¬†pest¬†diseases.
ūüĆŅ¬†The¬†ground¬†cloth¬†permeability¬†is¬†good,¬†water¬†and¬†fertilizer¬†can¬†penetrate¬†into¬†the¬†soil easily.

Suitable for farming, ecological orchard, gardening, efficient weed control and saving the cost of weeding.

Prevent direct sunlight on the ground, and the strong structure of the ground cloth prevents weeds from passing through. 

Ecological Weed Control Cloth

Increase the micro-organisms such as earthworms in the soil, improves the micro-environment, promotes soil looseness, and make the soil not harden. Guaranteed soil moisture, improves nutrient utilization rate and fruit yield is increased.

Ecological Weed Control Cloth


Product Specifications:
Environment friendly PLA degradable non-woven fabric
about 1*1 m/39.37*39.37in
All kinds of trees, flowers, vegetables, fruits, herbs, and all other applications that require weeding.
Unfold the cloth time: 
Within 3 days after the loose soil is completed.

Packing List:
Weed Control Cover*10 sheets per pack

 Ecological Weed Control Cloth

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